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Thursday, February 21, 2008

What a week...

It feels good to be back even if I have slacked some on the posting. We really have been busy, and get to take a breath this weekend as Amy has to work, before we make another trek to my part of VA the following weekend for my mom’s birthday. What seems like constant traveling every other weekend seems hard, but it is worth it. We are looking forward to seeing everyone the last week of February.
We also had a really great time at Candice’s baby shower last weekend in Herndon, VA. The trip up and back were not too bad. Doug drove up, and I drove back. It was colder there than here in NC. You could tell where they have been salting the roads a lot up there. We stayed at the Hampton Inn I believe, which was really nice. We had a huge suite on the first floor with a pack and play for Emma, and a fold out couch for Steven. The bed slept great, and we had a 32” at least, flat screen TV in our room, so we could watch Sponge Bob and Scooby in larger than life color. (that was for the kids by the way, even though I do like S.B.) The bathroom was also extra large, with no tub. There was just a huge stand up shower, with a drain in the middle of the floor, and a seat on the wall. The pool and workout rooms were right across from our room which was nice, and the kids loved the pool. Sunday morning the had a continental breakfast, which was probably the worst thing about our stay, but was still not bad. There were some biscuits and gravy, plastic looking eggs, coffee, juices, cereal, milk, yogurt, and pastries and fresh fruit. So, all in all, not bad. It doesn’t hurt when you stop for dinner at Cracker Barrel. While at the shower, the guys were kicked out, so I took Steven to Goodwill nearby, and got him a new toy, and Emma some new clothes and her very own little baby Nike golf putter. I also got to hit the 7-11 for slurpees before we hit the road. The cake Trish made for the shower was awesome as usual, and once it was over and we got back there, the kids really had a good time too. It was nice to see family that we don’t get to see much. (enough) Hopefully it will not be too long before we get to see everyone again.
The kids have been good for a while now. All sicknesses seem to be all better. We were all playing around the house the other night, and Emma was dressed up as the “coat monster.” When she had the hood pulled up, she looked a little like Kenny from South Park. It is just adorable. Her and her “bubby” get along very well for the most part. She loves to run and be chased. We all take turns being “base” and she runs up to whoever is the “safe” one at the time just screaming and giggling. She was laying on Amy, snuggling after we were done playing, and I crawled up to her and said, “love you Emma.” She said back, “I love you too Daddy.” That never ever gets old. Even Amy thought that was so sweet. We really do have fantastic kids. All kids can give you the “pull your hair out” moments, but the vast majority of the time, ours are just too good to be true. Emma has really gotten into Scooby Doo lately. She will grab the remote (mote’ mote) and sit on the sofa, hand me the remote and say, “Scooby Dooby Doo daddy.” Just wait until she starts watching all her princess shows and what not. Steven will love having to share TV time with that. He does do a really good job sharing though.
Other than that, I think I am done for this post. Amy went with Steven not long ago to the circus and took some pictures of that field trip, but I will let her tell that tale. Hope everyone is doing well and healthy. Tomorrow is Friday!! :>) Have a great weekend.