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Sunday, February 3, 2008

On the Mend.....We hope.

This is my (Amy's) official first blog entry. We have officially spent a car payments worth of money on ER and Dr. Office visits copays in the last two weeks, between Emma, Steven, and Chris. Hopefully everyone is on the mend now. Today, Emma will get her fourth Rocephin injection. The pediatrician sent me home yesterday with the last dose. It's nice to have inside connections. But now I'm left giving it to her myself....or not. Luckly, one of our neighbors is a nurse, and has agreed to do the dirty deed. I've learned that "nasty" is a medical term that can be use to describe my daughters right ear drum, as two different pediatricians have diagnosed it as such. Chris seem's to be doing better today. The Z-pack is helping. Since last years episide number two of pneumonia, we border on paranoia everytime Chris gets sick.
I gave the kids haircuts last night. I must toot my own horn, and say that I did a good job. Emma now has a little curly bob. She did surprisingly well, and sat fairly still.... Okay, she was all over the place. So again, I did a good job. Steven rolled around on the floor to help her look down for me. Chris stood at her side to keep her from wiggling off the stool. We would have taken pictures, but that would have required the assistance of another adult. Steven is as handsome as ever. I shaved his neck for the first time, at his request. He was terrified that I would cut him, and asked, "Have you done this before?" I wanted to reply, "I only shave a third of my body on a regular basis." But that would have led to more questions, so I just said, "Yeah, a few times."

I'll leave you with my favorite picture from our recent trip to Myrtle Beach. This is Emma and her cousin, Thomas.

Hope everyone has a Great Super Bowl Comercials, and game too. We'll post some pictures from our little family "Super Bowl Comercial, and game too" party at a later time.