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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Happy Weekend

Hey everybody! This is just a mid weekend post to let everyone know that we are all doing better on the wellness front, and we may all be ok now. I am still crossing my fingers on Emma's ears, but she has not complained in a few days, so I am optimistic. Amy worked last night and tonight, so I am just here watching over the kiddo's and getting ready to crash myself. We are trying to eat better and be healthier this year, and so when we can, we go for a walk in the evening as a family, and take Ginger for some exersize too. Tonight on our walk, I got a few pictures on my phone I am going to post.

This was a picture of Amy and Emma on our walk in front of the neighborhood

This was Steven, Daddy and Ginger

Thats about it. We just wanted to say we miss you to all we haven't seen in a while, and we can't wait to see those of you in VA who we will see in the next few weeks. Amy is off tomorrow night so that she can go to the Circus with Steven on Monday on his field trip. So it will be nice to all be home tomorrow night. Anyways, everyone have a great weekend!!