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Monday, October 13, 2008

Did I really skip September???

They say time flies when you are having fun. My sister informed me when she came down for the weekend with her boyfriend of almost 7 years to spend the weekend with us, that it had been over a month since I last blogged. I thought, "Could this be true?" Alas, it was, and I had been a good 6 weeks without blogging. I was so slack that I had skipped the whole month of September without a blog. While that was depressing, it was not surprising. We always seem to have so much going on, plus, I curently have a month long project test I am doing for work, as well as my classwork, tests, and papers that I am doing for class in school. I will try to stay current, but will make no promises. This past weekend with Emily and John here was great. We had a really good time, except for me messing up my back again. I had to go to urgent care yesterday and get a round of steroids to help get my back right again. I am not sure what I did, but it was pretty painful in some spots. It seems to be getting better today, so hopefully after this week, I will be as good as new. Amy is doing well, just has had a little cold that she is trying to shed for the past week or so. Emma, also seems to have picked up a little cold. Steven on the other hand, seems fit as a fiddle as usual. I also have the cold, and now a jacked up back to boot. I am going to look thru the new pictures and see if there any any new ones of the kids that are noteworthy.

This was my sister Emily on her 22 birthday with my lil princess Emma

This was Steven with his attempt to look s-c-a-r-y..., or was it sleepy??

These are my 2 wonderful ones after breakfast, just checking up on the latest Spongebob...

That's all for now. Lets see if I can get back in some time this year!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to the normalcy of school

I know I have been a king size slacker this month, as it has only been 3+ weeks since the last post. I will try not to go that long again, but there has just been not much blog-worthy going on. We had a few uneventful weeks, of the kiddo's wrapping up their summer going to the pool some, and Steven finishing his camps at YMCA, and his last week was at interskate. I think he had a good time there and made some new friends. Emma did not get a daycare / learning break, but has enjoyed her summer also I think. She LOVES the pool, and is trying to become a little fish just like her brother, although she is still in the guppy stage. The reason my blog is coming at 3:40 am again is due to my darling wee-wie waking up for an unknown reason again in the middle of the night. They are random, and can be from hurting new teeth, to a bad dream. Tonight was no different, she just called for Amy and I, (Amy is at work) until I got up there, and then all seemed to be right with the world. I snuggled her for 5 min or so, and she laid right back down. Shhhhh, hopefully she will stay that way. I can hear her mumbling to herself over the monitor. :>) Like I also said, Steven is now a big second grader. I think he is nervous, but I know he will handle it just fine once he adjusts to being back into school and not at camp where things are more laid back. I took some recent pictures of the kiddo's and once I upload them will post them too. The other thing that changed since the last post is that I HAVE STARTED BACK TO COLLEGE. You heard me correctly. I figured 18 years off school is enough of a vacation. (am I dating myself too much??) Anyway, I am taking a English at Wake Tech this semester to get reaquainted with school, and then will go to 3 classes next semester. After finishing my 2 years there, I will transfer to either NC State or ECU, whichever works out better. (I know that sounds blasphemous, but State needs to get a few online classes to help me out!!) Anywhoozer, I am excited about that. Amy and I slowly continue to lose weight. She has lost about 35 lbs since she really started trying back in May I guess and I have "supposedly" been trying since January, but really trying since about April, and am down right at 30 since the start of the year. Only 50 more to go for me. Maybe I will get there by next summer. Emma has now statred a real conversation with herself. I am tempted to go tell her to go back to sleep, but if she is not crying, maybe she will talk herself back to sleep. On that note, I am going to try to do the same. Hopefully everyone is well and I will have some new photos on here with my next post. We miss everyone and hope you are all doing well.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The delerium blog...

This is my "Emma woke up at 2 am, and I am hoping she goes back to sleep" blog. We have had a good, pretty uneventful week since her birthday party, but there are some pictures of the kids playing and what not. Steven has been back to YMCA camp, and Emma has been trying to explore new vocabulary. She told me the other day that mommy was at work helping have babies, because she's a nurse. It is very cute. Here are a few photos.
Here is Emma lounging in between the sofa and coffee table

Steven snuggled up on the sofa at bedtime...

Big Bubby helping to catch his sister... she loves to go crazy on the slide

Our little wee wye sliding to mommy. She is trying to become miss independent...

I guess that is all for now. Short but sweet. We are all doing well, and just looking forward to this weekend when Amy will be off. I am hopeful Emma is done fussing and will go back to sleep now. It has been almost 10 min since the last cry, so we will cross our fimgers. My last trip in, she asked if she could go downstairs and play with her dollbabies. After a quick explanation of how it was still 2:45 am and dark outside, and daddy was "so tired" I am hoping that it sunk in. Have a great nite and weekend everyone. Sis, (Em) if you are reading, hope all went well yesterday. We will call you tonight. Take care everyone. We'll blog again soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Emma's 2nd birthday weekend!!

Sometimes it is hard to believe we have a two year old. Sometimes it is even harder to believe we almost have an 8 year old, but that is for a different blog in about 3 months. :>) Emma had her 2 year birthday party this past weekend and it was great. She had family come over, as well as many of the kids from her day care at Mrs. Debbie's and Skye, Carys and Cailyn came over as well. It was alot of fun, and Emma had a princess party which I think was quite appropriate. I will just put some pictures up here, as the party kind of speaks for itself, as the kids all played, and then had cupcakes and ice cream, and then opened presents. It was maybe 2 - 2 1/2 hours of crazy fun for the kids. I think everyone had a good time. Then we went out to McCalls for dinner afterwards. Here is some pictures of the festivities.

This is Emma right after her nap on the day of her party... This is the setup with cupcakes, plates and balloons for the princess party...
Steven helping his sister with the put the kiss on the frog game...

Mommy about to help Emma blow out her candles...

Emma loves her princess blanket that grandma made for her...Emma dressed up in her princess outfit that she got at the party...

Emma and Daddy enjoying a yummy birthday dinner at McCalls...

Emma also had a great time at her cousin Tommy's birthday the following day at Aunt Emily and Uncle Jody's house. There were lots of folks there as well, and lots to do and eat. She had a blast there too. He turned one this weekend. There are a picture or two of the kids from the party at their house...

Steven with his sugary drink, seeing if he can play some more Nintendo Wii...

Emma chewing on her present she got from Aunt Grace at Tommy's party. It must have been yummy. That about wraps up the birthday blog. It was another great year for our little wee-wye, and we look forward to the birthday of our big bubby wee-wye and getting to see them grow up WAY too fast before our very eyes. Thanks to all who came to the party this weekend, and those who did not, we missed you alot. I'll be back soon when there is more to say!! Later.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OBX was lots of fun

We took a trip down to the Outer Banks a few weeks ago (I know, time has flown) and I just wanted to let everone in on our trip. Amy, myself and the kids went, as well as her parents, my parents, sisters, and niece, and her sister, husband, and our nephew. It was really a good time. We stopped on the way down there at a wildlife preserve so the kids could stretch and pee, and I snapped a picture of Amy and the kids by the sign there. After we left there, we headed down to the OBX. We met my folks at The Ships Wheel, which is the best breakfast resterant at the beach. If you are ever down there, you have to go.

We not only ate there that first day, we ate there all 4 days we were at the beach. The omlets are to die for. then we checked in to the room and Amy let Emma get a nap while I scratched my itch at the thrift stores with Steven. The first night we went and ate at Millers Steak and Seafood which was great too. All the places we ate were pretty good. The only one I would pass on next time would be Western Sizzlin. It was ok, but you can eat at a place like that anywhere, and Emma ended up getting the pukes the next day and we think it may have been from that. he was so pitiful. Amy took first shift with her for about 5 hours, and I took second shift for the next 3. After about 8 hrs of being sick on Sat, she was ready to go to the beach and tore it up at dinner that night. I got a few pictures of the beach activities.
I also went down to the beach every morning except Sunday and took some pictures of the Sunrise. I got to the beach about quarter to 6, and it is a peaceful kind of feeling let me tell you. There is no one there really at that time of day, and just hearing the waves is relaxing.
I told Amy that if we ever won any lotto money, we would have to have a place there on the beach. I grew up vacationing there, and it is nice in the morning, I can tell you that. If you can't relax there, you need to take some meds... (lol) We also went to the Jolly Roger Resterant one night, and their food is really good too. They had some cool pirate statues that Steven and I had our pictures done in front of. He kept asking that night when we would up until we did.
We also did some miniture golfing. Amy's dad and I tied for first, but everyone else did really well too. Steven gets better each time we go, and Emma tried the first hole and the last, but in between, was happy to walk around and have a ring pop. All in all I would say it was a great trip. It was over far to soon, but it was good to get home. Amy is back to work now, so the vacation is really over. It was great to have her around all the time even if it was only for two weeks. I will leave you with a sunset photo. Birthday blog soon!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation blog coming

I know it has been a while again since my last good blog, but this will be a quick blog about my day golf trip to VA, and tomorrow and Wed nights, I will blog about our vacation to the beach, and Emma's birthday this past weekend. It has just been so crazy. I went to VA about a week ago for the day and played golf with Chuck's dad at FT Eustis Military base. I left the house at 3:15 am that morning, got to the base at 7:10, teed off at 8am, and was done at noon. I then went by the 7-11, (yeah) went by Chucks, hit a few thrifts, and get a wonderful whataburger. I then headed home, and after 15 miles of creeping down interstate 95 around Halifax due to repaving, I was home at 8:10 and in time to help get the kiddo's to bed. Then to work the next day. I will think twice before doing that again in one day. It is rough. I will keave a few photo's of my trip to VA, and back the next few days for other blogs with more photo's. Take care!!

This is one of the par 5's on the front 9 over water

Me swinging away on a par 3 on the back side...

The long second shot on 18...

I'll be back soon with the other blogs. Gotta get some sleep... :>)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vacation countdown 3,2,1

This is a tired blog, but it should not be as it has been like 2 weeks plus since I have entered anything. We have just been really busy, but it has been nice the past few days because I had a 4 day weekend, and Amy started her 2 week vacation last Friday. I only have a 3 day week this coming week, then we have another 4 day weekend, but this time to the OUTER BANKS!! I can't wait! The following week, I am taking a day during the week to go to VA to play a round of golf. It will be nice to get somewhat of a break, and especially to have Amy home for the better part of 2 and a 1/2 weeks. It really sucks when she has to work. Anywhoozer, I will go over a few things we have done recently.

We did some fun stuff the weekend of the fourth. First we had Doug and Trish come over on Friday, the actual fourth. We had a parade that went up to our pool thru the neighborhood. When all the kids got there, they had popcicles waiting for all the kids. It was nice.
We also had a picture of us taken together at the pool.

After the festivities at the pool, we cooked out and then shot off a few fireworks. Amy then took Steven up the road to see some "real" fireworks, and then home again for the neighbors fireworks show. Steven finally went down at 10:20pm. I think the kids had a good day.

Saturday, we went to Morrisville to Emily and Jody's house. We went to the pool, I took my token trip to look around at Goodwill, and we had chicken smoked on the grill with mac and cheese, and lots of other fixins. Here are a few of those pictures. I think all in all, the kids had a great weekend as did we. Sunday was a chill out day or so it seemed. We went to Lowes to get a new front porch light. The one we had was beyond crappy. It was one that had the 3 little candle size bulbs and they would burn out every week. The plastic in the sockets had dry rotted and the bulbs would hardly stay in. I took the old one down, (after shutting off the power of course) and rewired the new one that now works perfectly. It feels good to do your own stuff around the house. Amy did some stuff in the yard, and we did a quick store trip for a few items we were short on. I am back to work in the morning, so I will get going. We will be on vacation soon, so I will be back after we return with more news and definitely more pictures of the little "wee wies" on vacation. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Belated Fathers Day blog

Just a quick blog to wish everyone a belated fathers day!! Mine was great as I spent it with the kids. Amy had to work and that was the only bummer. Just wanted to post a few pictures of the kids from that weekend.

Just a quick look at Emma snuggles with Daddy and Mommy, and Steven's new haircut. I love it!! I think the mowhawk is awsome for the summer. Have a great weekend!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Vacation countdown

We are well into our vacation countdown. It is less than a month until our long weekend to the beach. I think we are all just a little excited. I really am trying to blog at least once a week, but that is just not happening. I think my better 1/2 does not think about the blog as much as I do, and neither of us has the extra time to do it. I will persevere though so that our family and friends can see what is going on, as we get to actually talk to folks even less than we get to blog.

What has been happening lately?? Well, Steven graduated first grade, and Emma's daycare was close for a week of vacation, so since it was a good week for Amy, she had a mommy and kids week, full of sleeping in and going to the pool. I did not like it much because since everyone got to sleep in, I did not get to tell the kids goodbye before work for like 4 days in a row, and that was really the pits. I look forward to that every morning as much as anything. Next week things get back to normal as Emma will go back to daycare, and Steven will start one of his 3 different summer camps. I know he is looking forward to that. Everyone is well that I am aware of, and since Emma just nodded off and we just got back from lunch, I figured I would take a few min to do a quick blog and leave some new pictures to show what we have been up to.

Steven Hugging Daddy in the truck on the last day of school

Emma and Daddy snuggling right before bedtime

Steven resting at the pool

Emma styling like a princess at the pool

Steven's award at school on his last day

I guess I will go get some more stuff done around the house now while everyone is resting. The next time I post, I will make sure to include some new pictures of Steven and his new summer haircut... the mowhawk!! It looks really good beleive it or not. Take care all!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend...

I hope you all had a good Memorial day holiday. We actually had a very good weekend. We started out Friday by going strawberry picking. Emma and Steven had a great time. Emma really picked it up quick, but was not as keen on weeding out the bad ones. Saturday we had the family over as Doug, Trish, Emily, Jody, and Tommy came over for a cookout. I cut the grass early that morning, then we went shopping and then back to the house so the kids could play. For dinner, BBQ chicken breasts on the grill with hot dogs, corn on the cob, rice, green beans, walnut ginger salad, strawberries, (that we picked) and last but not least, smores... Sunday we did some yard work and just hung out at the house. Monday, I got to go hit some balls and practice golf for a few hours in the morning, and then we hung out a little bit before Amy laid down for a nap. (she had to work Monday night) She got up a little early and we took the kids to the pool. They really love to go there. Emma eats it up. I will post some of the pictures from the weekend.







Hope everyone had a great holiday!!