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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

This is Chris, and I am going to try to blog in some form of red from now on so you will know when it is me and when it is Amy. (Like it would be hard to tell otherwise)
I am posting my first ever post super bowl blog. Also, just a mid week type blog. All football is over until fall, and it is a little depressing. You wait for a certain amount of months, to get to the big event, and then once it is over... blah. It sucked enough that the Giants won, since I am a Dallas fan. I wanted the cowboys and the chargers in the big game. I guess I was not too upset though since I really did not have a dog in the fight. I will have to make do with college basketball for the next few months, along with the start up of the PGA tour, (yea golf weather), and NASCAR. I am definitely not as in to that as I used to be, but I am anxious to see how JR will do with his new team. Nuff said...
In matters of family, we are still on the mend, but are doing better. Em is still phlemmy, but is noticeably better, and we are crossing our fingers on her next checkup on the ear infection. She was tired last night, as she got to go over to her buddies’ house with Steven and they all got to play yesterday afternoon. We have not seen them in a few months, and they had a really good time. Steven still has not been sick, (that is me knocking on wood), so that is good. We had a good weekend last weekend of lounging around, and resting some. This weekend I may take the kids to hit some garage sales, or thrift stores, to see if I can find them some good stuff, and maybe a few gifts for Valentines Day, which is rapidly approaching. I have some good ideas for that, but I am keeping them to myself. I am better, which is a relative term. The antibiotic seems to have killed my phlegmmies, and they are almost cleared up, but I am still tired. I am hoping that will be better by this weekend, as this is Amy's good week, and I get to see her a lot this week, as well as by increasing my exercise this week too. We are trying to get healthier this year, but my loss in January was only 4 lbs, which was not what I was shooting for. I am hoping for double that this month. Amy looks good though as usual. Anyways, that is all for now. I will chime back in later this week, hopefully with some new pictures of the kiddos. Take care everybody.