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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to the normalcy of school

I know I have been a king size slacker this month, as it has only been 3+ weeks since the last post. I will try not to go that long again, but there has just been not much blog-worthy going on. We had a few uneventful weeks, of the kiddo's wrapping up their summer going to the pool some, and Steven finishing his camps at YMCA, and his last week was at interskate. I think he had a good time there and made some new friends. Emma did not get a daycare / learning break, but has enjoyed her summer also I think. She LOVES the pool, and is trying to become a little fish just like her brother, although she is still in the guppy stage. The reason my blog is coming at 3:40 am again is due to my darling wee-wie waking up for an unknown reason again in the middle of the night. They are random, and can be from hurting new teeth, to a bad dream. Tonight was no different, she just called for Amy and I, (Amy is at work) until I got up there, and then all seemed to be right with the world. I snuggled her for 5 min or so, and she laid right back down. Shhhhh, hopefully she will stay that way. I can hear her mumbling to herself over the monitor. :>) Like I also said, Steven is now a big second grader. I think he is nervous, but I know he will handle it just fine once he adjusts to being back into school and not at camp where things are more laid back. I took some recent pictures of the kiddo's and once I upload them will post them too. The other thing that changed since the last post is that I HAVE STARTED BACK TO COLLEGE. You heard me correctly. I figured 18 years off school is enough of a vacation. (am I dating myself too much??) Anyway, I am taking a English at Wake Tech this semester to get reaquainted with school, and then will go to 3 classes next semester. After finishing my 2 years there, I will transfer to either NC State or ECU, whichever works out better. (I know that sounds blasphemous, but State needs to get a few online classes to help me out!!) Anywhoozer, I am excited about that. Amy and I slowly continue to lose weight. She has lost about 35 lbs since she really started trying back in May I guess and I have "supposedly" been trying since January, but really trying since about April, and am down right at 30 since the start of the year. Only 50 more to go for me. Maybe I will get there by next summer. Emma has now statred a real conversation with herself. I am tempted to go tell her to go back to sleep, but if she is not crying, maybe she will talk herself back to sleep. On that note, I am going to try to do the same. Hopefully everyone is well and I will have some new photos on here with my next post. We miss everyone and hope you are all doing well.

Friday, August 1, 2008

The delerium blog...

This is my "Emma woke up at 2 am, and I am hoping she goes back to sleep" blog. We have had a good, pretty uneventful week since her birthday party, but there are some pictures of the kids playing and what not. Steven has been back to YMCA camp, and Emma has been trying to explore new vocabulary. She told me the other day that mommy was at work helping have babies, because she's a nurse. It is very cute. Here are a few photos.
Here is Emma lounging in between the sofa and coffee table

Steven snuggled up on the sofa at bedtime...

Big Bubby helping to catch his sister... she loves to go crazy on the slide

Our little wee wye sliding to mommy. She is trying to become miss independent...

I guess that is all for now. Short but sweet. We are all doing well, and just looking forward to this weekend when Amy will be off. I am hopeful Emma is done fussing and will go back to sleep now. It has been almost 10 min since the last cry, so we will cross our fimgers. My last trip in, she asked if she could go downstairs and play with her dollbabies. After a quick explanation of how it was still 2:45 am and dark outside, and daddy was "so tired" I am hoping that it sunk in. Have a great nite and weekend everyone. Sis, (Em) if you are reading, hope all went well yesterday. We will call you tonight. Take care everyone. We'll blog again soon.