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Monday, July 20, 2009

Much to do about alot...

Hey everyone. We have actually been up to alot lately and each time I go to blog, I remember something else that is coming up so I wait and now have a real big blog to post. Watch it be short now... Anyways, we have been first and foremost doing some home improvements. We started by painting an accent wall in a burnt orange in the bedroom. Then we used that color to do under the chair molding in the kitchen. Then last but not least we did the master bathroom in a nice soft mocha color. It looks like a frosty melted and we rubbed it all over the walls. It really looks good. I thought I had some pictures on here but I guess I did not load them yet. I will have to post them at another time.

Then last Tuesday we took the kids to Wet N Wild in Greensboro. It was Emma's first time at the water park. I think she did well, but she was really a little young to go. She could only ride about a 1/4 of the rides there. I have a few of the pictures we took with the waterproof camera we got just for that.
Amy and the kids ready to go
Emma and daddy in the wave pool
Steven right off the waterslideWE HAD SO MUCH FUN TODAY!!

That was a really good time and we still had a birthday to go this weekend. We had my parents come in town this weekend for Emma's birthday with my sister and niece and other sister and her fiancee'. We had the party along with Thomas for his 2nd birthday since they are only 2 days apart. It was at the Marble kids museum in Raleigh. I had never heard of it before but it was really cool for the kids and alot of fun. There are huge legos, a pretend mini town, a pretend hurricanes hockey rink, ball pit, tool area, drawing and craft area and that is just some of what is there. Most of Emma's friends from daycare were there as well as 2 freinds from where she used to get taken care of that she doesn't get to see much and alot of family. Here are a few pictures from there. This was all the mini bug cakes

Steven building a huge lego house
My beautiful Emma enjoying her juice and cake
Steven playing hockey
Emma in the "peas and carrots" ball pit
The beautiful dancing birthday girl
Steven got his face painted up like an old man
Emma and Gabby driving the bus together

Heading home after a great time at the Marbles party!!

It was really a great 2 weeks as Amy was off so it was nice to have her home every day for 18 days. She is back to work now so that is the pits, but we are getting used to life as normal again. Hopefully everyone enjoys the post and pictures because we sure did have a good time. Just be glad I cut it down. I had over 200 pictures from the party and gift opening at the house. We miss everyone that had to leave and that we did not see. Will try to post again soon. I am still debating on switching blogs. Will keep that updated as well. Bye!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

July 4th weekend

Hey everyone. We have just been busy doing our work thing, camp thing and preschool things. Now it is nice because Amy is off for 18 days, so we can do lots of stuff together. Last weekend we went to Greenville to build up some good memories there and we had a great time. We went to ECU and saw the campus and all the changes, went by Amy's old house to see how it looked and went to some stores and then to sonic and their really cool playground. We also hit the pool last weekend and hopefully will this weekend. I also chucked Steven way over the pool. Check out some of the pictures. This is the throw from IN the pool.The throw from OUT of the pool. (no children were harmed in the taking of this photo)

Emma LOVED playing with the tea set at the pool.
Steven and Emma and the 50 cent ride at Sonic.
Mommy and the kiddos down the slide.

This was all of us together right before leaving Greenville.

It was a great weekend, and hopefully this one will be just as good. Emily, Katie, Thomas and Grandma are all over here today for the day and we are going there tomorrow. I will be back with more when I have it. Lots is coming up in the coming months. Have a great 4th everyone.