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Monday, January 28, 2008

Some good news...

I have been hoping for some good news as we all seem to be getting a sickness of some sort lately. Today we got a little...
Steven went to the doctor for his checkup of his EKG he had done last week to check on any signs of long QT syndrome, which is a heart problem which can be fixed by beta blockers and sometimes a pacemaker. There was a history of that on a "distant" side of the family. Symtpoms can be fainting and sometimes cardiac arrest. Amy knows much more about this than I, but the one thing I do know that is GREAT, is that Steven's doctor said that is EKG was perfectly normal. So, all we have is one "possible" fainting episode for Steven at school and a history on one side of family. The doctor suggested that everything was ok, and we will just continue to monitor every year. If no change, then he is a Ok. If there was some change, we could take him to see a pediatric cardiologist. I know all of this sounds scary, because it was, but the important thing to remember is that the doctor just said everything looks fine. So, we will keep a close watch on him.
Emma had a checkup as well. Her ear still looks kinda nasty, but she feels alot better, so she stays on the antibiotic she is on, and goes back in another week or so. Her RSV is clearing up nicely according to the doctor, so we should keep treating as we have been and that should also be fine. Both kids are real troopers when it comes to being sick.
Amy and I on the other hand are begining to feel like crap. I think whatever Emma has had that we managed to steer clear of for a week or so, has decided to hit us after all. I feel like a small garbage truck has started to run me over, but hasn't yet pulled all the way off of me yet. I know Amy is also starting to feel bad, and this is her tough week at work. I feel even more for her. We had thoughts of going out of town to visit relatives this coming weekend, but we will have to do some quick mending if that is to be the case. Our family seems to be like a walking medacine ad lately. (lol) Anyways, that's the latest update. Just wanted to let everyone know what was going on. Take care and I'll be back soon.