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Monday, January 21, 2008

Back from vacation..., is that what that was...

Well it sure is Monday, and we are back to normal I guess, as normal as things can get. My previous 3 blogs from the first of the year until now have dissappeared, and so I am starting anew on that. We also just got back from our family vacation to Myrtle beach, (yes the beach in January, it was an indoor water park), and boy was it cold!! The high while we were there was 45 degrees, and we even had a bout of wintery mix Saturday afternoon. Good thing that the parks were inside the Condo we stayed at, which was very nice. (chosen by my wonderful wife) Nice job I must say. We had a 3 bedroom Condo, with an Ocean view. We were on the 4th floor of 14 floors, and the 4 of us (me , amy, and the kids) had a room, Amy's parents had a room, and her sister, husband, and our nephew had a room. There was a living room area, balcony with view of the ocean, full kitchen, and even a washer and dryer. We all had a good time at the park and the kids loved it!! We went out to eat twice. Once at Original Benjamin's Calabash seafood, which I thought was "fit", but pricey, and Cheeseburger in Paradise, which was also good. Of course I hit a thrift store while we were there too. The only part of the trip that sucked, was that Saturday night Emma had some wheezing and trouble breathing, and we ended up having to take her to 82nd street Medical Center Emergency Room in Myrtle Beach that night to get checked out. She was a trooper and had a breathing treatment and some steroids there and was released. We got back to the room about 1am, which was good time, seeing as how we left at 10pm. We got there, were seen, and went to a 24 hr CVS for perscriptions and back to the hotel all in 3 hrs. They were very efficient and very nice at that hospital. (if you ever need emergency care in Myrtle beach SC, I highly recomend them) Emma did fine for the first 1/2 of the next day, but by the time we got home was cranky and obviously not feeling well. Amy called the doc here, and was instructed to bring her back to the ER in Wilson as she now had a temp of 102.5. (the night before, no temp) Anyways, I lost it of course, because I hate when the kids get really sick. I would rather it be me than them. Steven is such a big boy now when he feels bad, and Emma is too, (big girl :>) ) but Steven understands why he is sick and what we are doing to make him better and Emma does not. I think that is another reason I felt so bad. I love the kids when they are so little and cute, but when Emma hits 5 or so, and Steven is 11, that will be nice, because they will both be able to understand stuff like trips to the doctor, and the reasons why, as well as what is being done to make it better. Anyways, she got Motrin, Tylenol, some x-rays, breathing treatments, steroids, and a shot of Rocephin, as well as some perscriptions to be picked up later. She was diagnosed with RSV I think... It is a respratory illness, but not as bad as the Pneumonia I was worried she had. So, she is on the road to recovery, we are home and unpacked, and life is getting back to "normal" as we get back into the swing of things from our fun but interesting vacation. I am hopeful that we are going to be able to get to Virginia for my moms birthday in late February, but we will see what we see. Let cross our fingers for W2 statements soon, so we can get our tax money. Hopefully everyone we know is doing well and I will be back on here soon for an update.