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Friday, January 25, 2008

Here we have gone again...

As the title says..., here we go again. As I wrote in the last blog, Emma had gone to the ER in SC. for her breathing troubles. They thought RSV. When taking her back to the ER in Wilson Sun night, that was confirmed, and she got plenty of meds to treat her and make her all better. Or so I thought...
Wednesday evening when picking Emma up from Debbie's, she could not help but notice Emma's blood curdling screams of pain for some unknown reason. She just kept saying "owie" over and over. Motrin did the trick for the pain and she was able to calm down, but did wake up 4 times that night which is very unusual for her. Back to her normal doctor on Thursday, where we found out that her eardrum was bulging outward, as she had an inner ear infection as a side effect of the RSV. So, off the Ammoxacillin and on to a really strong antibiotic. (than you insurance) Anyways, the crankiness has mostly subsided, and she only woke up once last night around midnight thirty, so things are getting better. (I hope!!) My wonderful wife let me sleep, but even though I was glad to get that sleep, I miss taking care of the kids when they feel bad when I don't get to be there. Hopefully after this weekend, everyone will be feeling better, and we can exhale for a bit. Steven is going to the doctor today for a precautionary test, but I will let you know more on that when that is done. Amy knows more about that than I right now. Work is good all the way around, and we have lots of little trips coming up, but we hope you are all doing well, and I will chime in again soon I hope with more pictures and a better understanding as to how to place them. B-Y-E.