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Monday, July 21, 2008

Vacation blog coming

I know it has been a while again since my last good blog, but this will be a quick blog about my day golf trip to VA, and tomorrow and Wed nights, I will blog about our vacation to the beach, and Emma's birthday this past weekend. It has just been so crazy. I went to VA about a week ago for the day and played golf with Chuck's dad at FT Eustis Military base. I left the house at 3:15 am that morning, got to the base at 7:10, teed off at 8am, and was done at noon. I then went by the 7-11, (yeah) went by Chucks, hit a few thrifts, and get a wonderful whataburger. I then headed home, and after 15 miles of creeping down interstate 95 around Halifax due to repaving, I was home at 8:10 and in time to help get the kiddo's to bed. Then to work the next day. I will think twice before doing that again in one day. It is rough. I will keave a few photo's of my trip to VA, and back the next few days for other blogs with more photo's. Take care!!

This is one of the par 5's on the front 9 over water

Me swinging away on a par 3 on the back side...

The long second shot on 18...

I'll be back soon with the other blogs. Gotta get some sleep... :>)