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Friday, August 1, 2008

The delerium blog...

This is my "Emma woke up at 2 am, and I am hoping she goes back to sleep" blog. We have had a good, pretty uneventful week since her birthday party, but there are some pictures of the kids playing and what not. Steven has been back to YMCA camp, and Emma has been trying to explore new vocabulary. She told me the other day that mommy was at work helping have babies, because she's a nurse. It is very cute. Here are a few photos.
Here is Emma lounging in between the sofa and coffee table

Steven snuggled up on the sofa at bedtime...

Big Bubby helping to catch his sister... she loves to go crazy on the slide

Our little wee wye sliding to mommy. She is trying to become miss independent...

I guess that is all for now. Short but sweet. We are all doing well, and just looking forward to this weekend when Amy will be off. I am hopeful Emma is done fussing and will go back to sleep now. It has been almost 10 min since the last cry, so we will cross our fimgers. My last trip in, she asked if she could go downstairs and play with her dollbabies. After a quick explanation of how it was still 2:45 am and dark outside, and daddy was "so tired" I am hoping that it sunk in. Have a great nite and weekend everyone. Sis, (Em) if you are reading, hope all went well yesterday. We will call you tonight. Take care everyone. We'll blog again soon.