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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

OBX was lots of fun

We took a trip down to the Outer Banks a few weeks ago (I know, time has flown) and I just wanted to let everone in on our trip. Amy, myself and the kids went, as well as her parents, my parents, sisters, and niece, and her sister, husband, and our nephew. It was really a good time. We stopped on the way down there at a wildlife preserve so the kids could stretch and pee, and I snapped a picture of Amy and the kids by the sign there. After we left there, we headed down to the OBX. We met my folks at The Ships Wheel, which is the best breakfast resterant at the beach. If you are ever down there, you have to go.

We not only ate there that first day, we ate there all 4 days we were at the beach. The omlets are to die for. then we checked in to the room and Amy let Emma get a nap while I scratched my itch at the thrift stores with Steven. The first night we went and ate at Millers Steak and Seafood which was great too. All the places we ate were pretty good. The only one I would pass on next time would be Western Sizzlin. It was ok, but you can eat at a place like that anywhere, and Emma ended up getting the pukes the next day and we think it may have been from that. he was so pitiful. Amy took first shift with her for about 5 hours, and I took second shift for the next 3. After about 8 hrs of being sick on Sat, she was ready to go to the beach and tore it up at dinner that night. I got a few pictures of the beach activities.
I also went down to the beach every morning except Sunday and took some pictures of the Sunrise. I got to the beach about quarter to 6, and it is a peaceful kind of feeling let me tell you. There is no one there really at that time of day, and just hearing the waves is relaxing.
I told Amy that if we ever won any lotto money, we would have to have a place there on the beach. I grew up vacationing there, and it is nice in the morning, I can tell you that. If you can't relax there, you need to take some meds... (lol) We also went to the Jolly Roger Resterant one night, and their food is really good too. They had some cool pirate statues that Steven and I had our pictures done in front of. He kept asking that night when we would up until we did.
We also did some miniture golfing. Amy's dad and I tied for first, but everyone else did really well too. Steven gets better each time we go, and Emma tried the first hole and the last, but in between, was happy to walk around and have a ring pop. All in all I would say it was a great trip. It was over far to soon, but it was good to get home. Amy is back to work now, so the vacation is really over. It was great to have her around all the time even if it was only for two weeks. I will leave you with a sunset photo. Birthday blog soon!!