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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another wonderful family visit

I seem to be getting better as it has been about 2 weeks since the last post. I wanted to get one in because we are supposed to be going to the beach this coming weekend, but it will depend on how my back is doing. I tweaked a nerve again in my sciatica and had to go to the doctor today. It is pretty uncomfortable but the doc put me on rest and steroids again so I am looking forward (NOT) to some weight gain. I also have an appointment tomorrow with a back specialist so I am hoping that they will do an MRI and get to the bottom of this. About a week and a 1/2 ago, my parents, sister and Gabby came to visit and we have a great time. Steven and I took my dad to UNC Chapel Hill to get some championship paraphernalia. Here are a few pictures:

Steven and my dad on Franklin street

Steven at the old well
Steven on the table of many people...(LOL)

The girls went to the mall while we were out on campus. Other than that, we have been just going business as usual. We are just waiting for Amy to start her new schedule so she can be off every weekend. That starts this coming weekend with the coming possible beach trip. Steven also has a concert at school tonight that I will post next time too. I know it is short but sweet, but thats about all that has been going on. I will get some more this weekend and post sometime next week. Happy past birthday to my dad and upcoming birthday to my sis Melanie. Take care all.