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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Productive Weekend... where's the rest...

Productive Weekend

Let's just have a relaxing weekend at home.... That was the plan. Here is what we did instead. Saturday morning, we woke up at the crack of dawn to go to a nice community yardsale. The neighborhood was so crowded with cars that we decided, like most, to park on the side of the road and walk through. We found a few treasures, mostly clothes and a few toys. The best find was a racecar style four wheeler for Emma. We couldn't wait to get home, and test it out on the cul-de-sac. The fourwheeler would have to wait for a quick breakfast at the newly reopened McCalls Restaurant. (You may remember that a single passenger/piloted airplane crashed into the the entrance of the restaurant 7 or so months ago.) McCalls has been a family favorite for birthdays and large family gatherings over the years. We are glad to see it reopen this week.

Once at home we unloaded and proptly hit the street. Steven alternated between his four wheeler and bycycle, sharing with a neighbor, Trey. Emma learned quickly how to drive her green, purple, and pink racecar. I stayed close and showed her the ropes. We had a blast, and got a little pink during our 20 min test drive. Adjouring to the shade of the back yard swingset, we watched as Chris mowed the yard, then tilled the barren areas in preparation for the landscaper who promises (for the third time) to aerate, fertalize, lime and seed the yard on Monday. I hope he likes working in the rain.

Emma, lulled to nappy time by her baby swing, slept for two hours. This gave me the perfect opportunity to finish my longtime work in the flowerbed. I planted 23 perinials that guarantee to bloom for three seasons of the year. Then I dropped 14 bags of mulch. Soaked in sweat and caked with dirt, I went straight to the shower. Chris made dinner while I chased the kids around the living room. We were all in bed by 9:15. Relaxing weekend at home, right?

Today was a little slower paced. We all slept in, ohhh 'till about 7:40... We did our weekly grocery trip to Wal-Mart while most were at church. While Emma napped, Steven and I workd on his "Independant Project" for school. He decided to do a presentation about snakes, complete with flash cards to read from and a picture of our temporary pet snake. A few weeks ago Steven and I caught a 12 inch Brown Snake in the new flower bed. We kept it a few days, and even fed it an earthworm after some internet research. We let it go before Steven got too attached. It obviously made an impression. The presentation is due in a week, and he is done. I'm a proud mama.

After a few finishing touches on the flower bed, we headed out on a family bike ride. I towed Emma in a trailer. We had a great time, despite how out of shape we are. Steven spun circles around us. We we panting and grunting up the hills, and he never broke a sweat. I guess we need to do it more often. Back the the ever popular swingset we went to unwind. Chris stayed behind and straightened up the garage. The rest of the day was more relaxed. Lots of playing and tickling. What a great weekend!!!

Here are some pictures of the goings on from the past week and weekend...

Emma riding her new racing 4 wheeler

Steven riding his bike with Amy and Emma

Emma riding her scooter / 4 wheeler

Our Puppy Doo!!!

The completed wall and mulched bed...

A closer View...
We hope you are all doing well!!