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Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring seems to have sprung

Hey everyone. Back with another quick post, as not much has changed. Steven has a little bit of a congested cough, but no fever and no signs of it slowing him down. We think it is just due to the new abundance of pollen. He also just lost another tooth. If there are 2 things that suck about spring, it is pollen and BUGS. They are starting to come back out now, spinning webs to walk thru and flying in my face during my backswing. Oh well, enough complaining about that. I won't even get into how our cars are turning yellow, and there is apparently not enough water in NC to wash them...
On to other stuff. Emma and Amy are great, and I am doing well too. This weekend will be a good one, as Amy is off all weekend, and we are going to be tilling the yard and planting bushes, trees, and flowers. Maybe after we are done, I will post some early stage photos of that. she has it planned out to where I think it will look pretty good. Hopefully we can get some grass to grow too, and then we will be in business. The kids loved Easter, and of course got plenty of stuff. I am going to put a few pictures from Easter down here, and that will about conclude this post.

This was the kids Easter morning

This is the beautiful and talented Emma

This is Daddy whacking golf balls... this one actually looks good...

Here is Steven, learning the game early..., do I see another Tiger in the works...

That is about all I have for now. I will try to make sure I get in in the next 4 days or so with more pictures and updates. That IS the plan anyways... Take care all.